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Volunteers & Ideas for Starlight Tower

This is an open invitation to all Starlight Tower owners to participate with their ideas and material in text form or pictures for the enrichment of our website and subjects related to our homes, the local community and international since Starlighters travel extensively not only domestically but to the four corners of the World!

Our favorite pass time at Starlight Tower is not only to swim at our beautiful swimming pool but afterwards to relax floating leisurely in a neighbor's company talking about everything: from our travels to our cooking and from shopping to our hobbies and from our families and grandchildren to worldwide political problem solving!
That's a snippet of ideas that will be our website's backbone which will carry and further develop a variety of subjects interesting to Starlighters and the public.
We will have a "Travel" section with domestic and international destinations subdivided by region country and area depending on the available material in our ownership. Travelers are invited to share their first hand experiences with pictures stories or events of interest that took place during their trip.
We will have a "Cooking" section which will be dedicated to cooking with our favorite recipes domestic and international using our mother's or grandmothers' recipes but also haute cuisine explorers' as Julia Child and others. So ladies, send in your recipes and pictures!
We will have an "Antiques" section where we will post information (and links if websites available) to reputable local establishments in St Pete Beach, Saint Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa places that we have patronized, found small or big treasures and pleasant atmosphere.
We will have a "Weddings" section full of useful information for a future bride to be. Today's weddings are elaborate and complicated full of intricacies and traps easy to fall in and require a combination of intense homework and a lot of legwork so the "big day" is a success.
And last but not least, we will have a "Honeymoons" section which will be the icing on the cake! Florida in general is among the top 20 honeymoon destinations according to travel agents but most honeymooners primarily visit Disney World, Miami and Daytona Beach. Very few come to our area even though according Stephen Leatherman, Ph.D., aka Dr. Beach who for 15 years rates the nations beaches Fort De Soto holds the First Place in his Top 10 Beaches List. Promoting our area which will support the local community by giving future newlyweds another destination place to think off, I call that "the icing on the cake"!
Be a volunteer for the common good, illuminate your peers with your experience in your field of expertise general knowledge or hobbies, suggest a new topic and most importantly submit your material for inclusion in our website.

* Please email your material which will be published fully crediting your name to:

Molon Lave Semper Fidelis
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The site's mission: Is to keep informed absent Starlighters of all important issues and events taking place in our property. Is nourished continuously with fresh information generously provided by resident fellow Starlighters and not only offers a private meeting place for owners but is helpful to the public regarding local events taking place in our town St. Pete Beach Pinellas County Florida as well as attractions, accommodations and places of interest to families, couples and individuals. Please e-mail your textual and multimedia materials for inclusion in our website to Louisa Simos:
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