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August 2014 Starlight Tower Express Newsletter in St Pete Beach Pinellas County Florida
Volume XXIII, No. 2
August 22, 2014
Editor - Pat Ifft (
Webmaster - Louisa Simos (

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  About The Starlight Express 

The very First Issue of Starlight Express Newsletter was created by the Editor and Chief Pat Ifft on February 29, 1992 and since then is maintained and produced monthly by her for 22 years! All Starlighter's owe immense gratitude to Pat in keeping them informed with all happenings good and bad.
Thank You Pat 

They are back...
and the long-awaited beach renourishment is taking place as I write this. The familiar beep-beep of the bulldozers, graders, excavators, dump trucks, loaders and backhoes as they work 24/7 is music to our ears, although probably not so much in the wee hours of the morning.
Starlight Tower St Pete Beach re-nourishment August 2014
Pictures by Pat Ifft, #408
The project began last month on Treasure Island’s Sunshine Beach (north end), with 75,000 yds. of sand. Next came Sunset Beach with 215,000 yds. Pass-a-Grille received 125,000 yds., and Upham is growing nicely with 140,00 yds. of sand.
The total cost of the project is $16,182,000. There has been no word on installation of a permanent jetty offshore in St. Pete Beach. The temporary yellow groins have held up amazingly well, but they were never intended to be a permanent solution to beach erosion.

Starlight Tower St Pete Beach re-nourishment August 2014
Also, Sandy Bodgen has some amazing pictures at So you will be able to follow what is going on right in front of Starlight Tower.
Starlight Tower St Pete Beach re-nourishment August 2014

The picture above was taken about four hours after the two previous.  A very efficient operation, indeed.
2014 Spring Shuffleboard Winners

It seems like a long time ago that this picture was taken... maybe because it was. Nevertheless, we thought you’d like to remember what a great Spring Shuffle we enjoyed so much.

Spring 2014 Suffleboard Starlight Tower, St Pete Beach

Chairperson Marlene Reid handed out prizes to the 2014 Spring Shuffle winners

From right to left:
Champions: Don Schneider and Maggie Rafter;
Runners-up: Rose Lepine and Denis O’Connor; and
Consolation winners: Verna Murphy and Vic DeNardo.

A big crowd enjoyed the dinner afterwards, and of course loved receiving the door prizes donated by our generous merchants and businesses.

A very belated but sincere thank you to all the dedicated committee and the players for a great Starlight day.

Some people news  
Betty Gibson, 402, had ankle replacement surgery in Akron several weeks ago, and is recovering at Rockynol Skilled Nursing Facility. Cards can be sent to her home address in Akron.

Welcome Phil Christman to the building in 708.

Welcome back to Susanna Fields in the office, after her summer break.



Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone!



A final note:

I am truly sorry to announce that this is my last issue of The Starlight Express.  As most of you know, my husband, Ed, has Alzheimer's Disease, and his care is my first and only concern these days.  He is doing well, and we take each day as it comes.  I want to thank Louisa Simos, our webmaster, for her wonderful job of taking the Express and displaying it so beautifully on our website.  And thanks to everyone for providing “the news”.  If someone would like to take over as Editor, I would be happy to assist in any way I can. 

Pat Ifft, Editor of Starlight Express


  Webmaster's note:

It is with heavy heart that I posted Pat's last issue of The Starlight Express today. I thought this day will be some time in the very far future. Cannot complain though but just be thankful to her for the 22 years of faithful reporting of all news happening in our home, Starlight Tower. The Starlight Express was her own creation literally her brain child that so lovingly she shared with all of us. We will be forever grateful to you Pat and we wish you wholeheartedly to have a great time with Ed in your loving care. On behalf of all Starlighters, Louisa Simos.
Molon Lave Semper Fidelis
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