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Meet a brand new Starlighter

Natalie Marie Sogard (nick name: Plum)

Starlighter Natalie Marie Simos Sogard (nick name: Plum)

Our daughter Maria with her husband Neil Sogard are the proud parents of a baby girl,
Natalie Marie (nickname Plum) born on December 29, 2012 on Newburyport, Ma,
at 7lb 11 ounces and 21" long.

August 2011 Starlight Tower Express Newsletter in St Pete Beach Pinellas County Florida

Our daughter Maria Simos and Neil Sogard were married on May 21, 2011 at St. Stephanos Greek Orthodox Church in St. Petersburg. The proud parents Louisa and Evangelos Simos (908).

Mason Simos Paguio, is a brand new baby boy that was born in Chicago on February 2nd, 2009, at 9 lbs and 5 ounces, to our daughter Demetra and son in law Bob Paguio. Mason, has a 2 and a half year old sister, our granddaughter Nina, and is the latest addition to our happy family which I share with you friends and neighbors Starlighters!

Mason Simos Paguio, was born in Chicago, on February 2nd, 2009 to mother Demetra, father Bob, sister Nina, and proud grandarents Louisa and Evangelos Simos and Rosie and Lito Paguio.

I will also share with you a priceless tip if you happen to expect a second child or to become grandparents to a second grandchild! Our grandson, Mason Simos Paguio, when he was born and his sister went to meet him at the hospital for the first time, he gave her a present! A beautiful book!
Nina was so impressed with his thoughtfulness and generosity that was counting the days until this beautiful baby boy that was her very own brother, would finally go and stay in her home!
From the first day of Mason's arrival to Nina's home, she plays the role of "big sister" with such dedication that is amazing!
Her young brother has a very mellow personality and in general is very good natured, a good sleeper and easy to please baby but when he is wet or hungry his screams can raise the dead! That's when Nina runs to his side and tells him: "Don't cry Mason, I am here"!
My jaw dropped several inches when I first heard her say that!
Well, these are the news of Mason's arrival and I am additionally ecstatic because he is a fellow Aquarius!
His very proud Nona, Louisa Simos, #908.

Until I have other news to report, I present you Nina!

Who is Nina?
A new Starlighter: Nina Simos Paguio born June 24 2006 to proud parents Demetra and Bob Paguio

Nina Simos Paguio, is our first granddaughter, born June 24 2006, age 2 months and 2 weeks as of today, that you will have the pleasure of making her acquaintance the summer of 2007 while learning how to swim at our beautiful swimming pool. Her proud parents are our daughter Demetra Simos Paguio that you first met as a teenager 17 years ago when we purchased our apartment and son in law Bob (Robert) Flores Paguio that some of you have met. However is a high possibility that you will meet Nina for New Years 2007!

A Starlighter's wedding

Starlighter Demetra Simos' wedding to Bob Paguio in Chicago May 21, 2005

Above 2 pictures from Demetra and Bob's wedding in Chicago, May 21st 2005, reception held at the Millennium Knickerbocker's Crystal Ballroom where several Starlighter's were present. On the first picture the from left to right: The Bride's parents Evangelos and Louisa Simos apartment 908, Sleila Klitzky apartment 806, the bride and groom, Sue Alley apartment 705, John Somogyi apartment 806, Sherry: Sue Alley's niece and finally Lina and her late beloved husband Earl Ehresman ex Starlighters apartment 306 and residents of Villas del Verde.

Earl and Lina Ehresman ex Starlight Tower owners at Demetra Simos wedding to Bob Paguio in Chicago May 21, 2005

The late Earl and wife Lina Ehresman ex Starlight Tower owners and beloved friends at Demetra's wedding.

An ex  Starlighter passes on

Earl Ehresman's Funeral with Full Military Honors on January 4, 2006  he was an ex Starlight Tower owner

Earl Ehresman left us the week of Christmas 2005 and his Funeral took place with Full Military Honors on January 4, 2006 at the Veterans National Cemetery. Earl, we will never forget you.

This will be a very important section of our website but since I have no contributing news to report for now, I am filling the space with personal news and events that include Starlight Tower beloved friends present and departed and  includes happiness and sorrow births weddings and deaths all of which make the fabric of life. Please send me your news related to Starlight Tower which you would like to be posted at this section of our website which is offered for public view  or at our password protected section available only to Starlight Tower owners...

Molon Lave Semper Fidelis
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