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Starlight News, is Starlight Tower's newsletter in St. Pete Beach Florida

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EDITOR - Marlene Reid -
APRIL 24, 2015
Welcome to the inaugural edition of Starlight News which is the new name by which Starlight Tower's newsletter will be known from now on. I have the pleasure announcing to Starlighters that Marlene Reid has reluctantly agreed to be the Editor of our Newsletter under the condition that "yours truly" would continue to do the graphics and layout! Thank You Marlene!

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Spring has arrived...

Starlighters are basking in the sun, and enjoying a real beach. The Spring-breakers also flocked to our little piece of Paradise, but outside of a broken window from a renegade soccer ball, their visit was relatively uneventful. However, Mother Nature is having her way, with many precious grains (and buckets) of sand escaping each day into the Gulf of Mexico. The temporary groins are being uncovered while the interminable wait for permanent jetties goes on – and on! The snowbirds have begun their bi-annual migration! Safe travels and hurry back!

Starlight News, is Starlight Tower's newsletter in St. Pete Beach Florida
And before that?

Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day and Easter have come and gone with Starlighters marking the occasions and celebrating accordingly. While Bill Fields made the building sparkle with outdoor lights through the weeks surrounding Christmas, the Machados and Isaacs spearheaded the purchase and superb decoration of a new tree and organized a scrumptious pot luck dinner enjoyed by all partakers!
The Annual Meeting and Election...

The Annual Meeting and Election in February reflected a renewed interest in the wellbeing of Starlight with an exemplary field of 14 candidates vying for 7 positions.

  • Bill Isaacs, President, (two-year term);
  • Louisa Simos, Vice-President;
  • Marlene Reid, Secretary, (two year term);
  • Ric Garland, Treasurer; 
  • Warren Weathers, (two year term);
  • Mike Brennan and
  • Dede Wales.
Since the By-Laws call for the three top vote-getters to serve for two years it has been determined that, in accordance with the By-Laws, there shall be an election each year even if only 7 candidates express an interest to serve, or continue.

The 2015 Board “hit the ground running” with numerous improvement projects already underway, others on the drawing board, and much discussion about Starlight’s upkeep and needs. We are open to constructive input!!!
New Faces and Old Faces...

Well, not really “old” but “former" Starlighter stars!
  • A visit from Sue Alley, former owner of #705, was graciously hosted by Denis and Ursula O’Connor for a week in March. They not only efficiently accommodated Sue’s healthcare staff, but were most patient and understanding while Sue’s former neighbors and well-wishers here at Starlight dropped in to say Hello!

  • Marcia Thorpe, former owner of #906, also returned to Starlight for approximately one month for a welcome visit with friends, old-timers and new-acquaintances. She agreed to compete in the Shuffleboard Tournament. We discovered she hasn’t lost her competitive edge, nor her winning smile. Frank & Karen Gulia were her hosts!
Paradise Discovered and Rediscovered!

Congratulations and Welcome to New (and Repeat) Owners:
  • Terry and Maggie Rafter are the proud owners of #603, purchased from Arlene Kuhn
  • Tom and Mary Hooten are the proud owners of #702, purchased from Edel Quinn
  • Dan, Bill, and Patricia Brennan are the proud owners of #205, purchased from Laryn Finder
  • Ted and Judith Robinson hit the Starlight jackpot, proud owners of #607, from Steve Farst, and #901.
Condolences to Carole Challinor, #506, on the death of her mother.
Bingo Anyone??? Everyone Welcome!

Although we don't hear complains from Starlighters suffering from "Cabin Fever"  as do our families up north, we still look for diversions and social events to share some fun times and a chance to interact with our neighbors. Thus, social evenings in the Lobby, begun in February, with Card Games, Dominoes and Bingo, replete with lots of refreshments, turned out to be big hits, well attended, and just what the Doctor ordered for lifting spirits. Bingo produced some real surprises for the Lucky participants. Bill Isaacs is the accomplished “Caller.”

Sandy Bogden has generously donated a "karaoke" system with a good microphone that has thus far served the purpose well for the Bingo Games and the Shuffleboard event!

Starlight now owns a set of "Dominoes" which will be stored in the office and can be checked out with a Board member.
2015 Annual Seaside Shuffleboard Tournament

The Annual Seaside Shuffle Tournament and Accompanying Dinner were a Smashing Success!

This “fun” day is made possible by an efficient Committee, cooperation of Starlighters, an energetic cheering section, and local merchants who are pleased to take part in this community effort by donating Items and Certificates for Door Prizes.
  • Sharon and Carl Diehm
  • Yvonne Dinardo
  • Gail Dolphin
  • Mary and Alban Murphy
  • Chuck Prokop
  • Dennis O'Connor
  • Maggie Rafter
  • Edith and Don Schneider
  • Louisa Simos
  • Dan and Marlene Reid


Tournament Referees: Carl Diehm - Bill Isaacs - Don Schneider
Lobby Decorations: One - Superwoman Committee - Sharon Diehm
Generous Benefactors

 Let the Games begin!

Winners receiving their well earned awards

  • Alyssa's Salon

  • Agave

  • Bat's Taxi

  • Beverly's La Croisette

  • Bob Evans

  • Bones Pizza

  • Carabbas Italian Grill

  • Certified Automotive

  • Fit For Life

  • Guiseppe Pizzeria

  • Hurricane Restaurant

  • La Casa Del Pane

  • Lou's Florist

  • Outback Steakhouse

  • Oyster Sucker

  • P.J.'s Oyster Bar

  • Publix

  • Rick's Reef

  • Shaner's Land/Sea Market

  • Su Ottavo

  • Salty Rim

  • Rally's/Shell Car Wash

  • Shark Tales

  • Skidders

  • St. Pete Beach Produce

  • Shells

  • Sonny's BBQ

  • The Frog Pond

  • Verducci's

  • Woody's Waterfront Grill

The Best at the Courts:
  • Champs: Tom Hooten and Gail Dolphin
  • Runners-Up: Vic Dinardo and Mary Murphy
  • Consolation: Carl Diehm and Verna Murphy

  Webmaster's note:

Gone, but not forgotten!
Everyone's beloved Starlight Express, the newsletter that was Pat Ifft's creation and brainchild for the past 22 years, is being preserved as part of Starlight's Archives where you can browse past issues since the birth of our website on September of 2006. We are forever grateful to you, Pat!
Molon Lave Semper Fidelis
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