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February 2014 Starlight Tower Express Newsletter in St Pete Beach Pinellas County Florida
Volume XXIII, No. 1
February 19, 2014
Editor - Pat Ifft (
Webmaster - Louisa Simos (

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  About The Starlight Express 

The very First Issue of Starlight Express Newsletter was created by the Editor and Chief Pat Ifft on February 29, 1992 and since then is maintained and produced monthly by her for 21 years! All Starlighter's owe immense gratitude to Pat in keeping them informed with all happenings good and bad.
Thank You Pat 

Did you see this?
One chilly morning a couple of weeks ago, this is the sight that greeted me when I looked out onto the Gulf. This view is from the 4th floor ... close to 100 pelicans, with a few cormorants mixed in, almost all facing south. All I could think of was a line of passenger jets patiently waiting (or not) to take off from a crowded airport. When our youngest daughter was little, she called this gathering of birds a “bird church”. A little while later, our lawn care guys showed up, and the noise of the mower scared them and they all flew away down the beach.

Starlight Tower Express Newsletter February 2014
Picture by Pat Ifft, #408

Starlight Tower Express Newsletter February 2014 The Seaside Shuffleboard Tournament is on its way
Mark down March 22nd, and hold the day!
As in the past, it’s fun and sport –
Those in the know will be on the court!

Dinner, too, is in the plan
The best in Town” states each Starlight man.
So watch for the sign-up, don’t be late –
(Author Unknown)

Shuffleboard Committee
The committee for the big day: Carl & Sharon Diehm; Yvonne DiNardo; Gail Dolphin; John & Beth Dubeau; Jim & Verna Murphy; Mary Murphy; Denis & Ursula O’Connor; Chuck Prokop; Dan & Marlene Reid; Don & Edith Schneider

Complimentary Gift Certificates
Also... if any Starlight resident is patronizing a neighborhood restaurant or place of business, and you would be willing to request a complimentary gift certificate to be awarded as a door prize, it would be appreciated. The Committee has found that most merchants are happy to provide these certificates as a way of increasing business. Copies of introductory letters will be available in the “FORMS” file in the lower right-hand cabinet of the mailroom desk. Blank CORBODS can also be found in this rack, as well as other Starlight forms.

Starlight Tower's Annual Shareholders Meeting
The Annual Meeting of Starlight Shareholders was held on Thursday, February 13. Outgoing President,
Edel Quinn reported on the work accomplished in 2013, including:
  • planting of sod on the west lawns,
  • reinforcing the seawall fence,
  • installation of a new directory at the north entry door,
  • the makeover of the guest apartment, and
  • hiring Susanna Fields to work in the office part-time.
Many thanks to the officers and Board members who have served so well this past year, but most especially to Marlene Reid, who is leaving the Board after serving for eight years. That is devotion above and beyond and we appreciate her dedication to the welfare of Starlight Tower.

The New Board for 2014:
  • President - Bill Isaacs
  • Vice President - Louisa Simos
  • Secretary - Yvonne DiNardo
  • Treasurer - Bill Wales
  • Directors-at-Large -  
    • Mike Breier
    • Warren Weathers and
    • Noah Shatkin


Contract termination

  • The Board has received notice from Nextel that the contract to install and maintain their cell tower equipment on our roof has been terminated. The equipment is now obsolete and will be removed. Our Resource Manager, Leigh Tessler, will investigate the possibility of negotiating a contract with another company. In the meantime, this means a loss of $1,800 per month income from the Nextel contract.


Volunteer will  repair South garages soffits

  • Thanks in advance to Ric Garland (706-707), who has volunteered to repair & replace the worn wood soffits on the south garages. He will use new pressure-treated, termite proof wood.



  • The elevators will be inspected on Wednesday, February 26, by a technician and State Inspector. No disruption of service is expected.


Graffiti on seawall

  • There is considerable graffiti on the beach side of the seawall, and Bill Fields, our maintenance man nonpareil  will go out there soon and paint it with gray marine paint. Which will probably mean a clean canvass for the “artists”.


Street-side property beautification

  • The Board is still looking at options for dressing up the street-side of our property. Some sod and a few low-cut bushes would be a real improvement. Sprinklers have been installed.


Main water pipes check

  • We are asked to check the main water pipes coming into our units for rust. If you detect rust or excessive dampness, please write a CORBOD to let the board know, so it can be checked out. Also, please check the battery in the water detection device that was placed in each unit a couple of years ago, and replace if necessary. Additional water detection devices can be bought at Lowes and Home Depot for less than $15 apiece.

Other News
Welcoming ex-Starlighter:  
Sue Alley visits Starlight Tower in January 2014  
In January, we had the pleasure of welcoming back former Starlighter, Sue Alley, who moved to Tennessee a couple of years ago. Close friends arranged a gathering in the lobby so that everyone had a chance to visit and catch up on Sue’s life in her home in Tennessee. Pictured with Sue are (l. to r.) W. A.& Nelda Smith; Lois Christman; Elsie Terrell; Jan Fahrnow; Tom & Mary Hooten; Denis & Ursula O’Connor, Sharon Isaacs & Betty Gibson.

Florida Election Day

Starlight Tower Express Newsletter February 2014

If you are registered to vote in the state of Florida, remember Election Day is Tuesday, March 11. We are selecting our representative to Congress, and voting for Mayor of St. Pete Beach.

Be a Starlight Reporter

And, finally, you may have noticed that the Starlight Express is not published as frequently as in years past.
I love writing the newsletter, but I have a problem “gathering the news.” So I am asking everyone to act as reporters, and to call me when you have an item to report. I will try to publish an Express once each season, unless there is information that needs to be disseminated more immediately. I thank our webmaster, Louisa Simos, for her ongoing generosity of time and talent to publish the Express online. Please make sure I have your email address so that I can notify you when the Express is available on our website.


If I don’t have your email, please send it to me:

Molon Lave Semper Fidelis
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