December 2010 Newsletter Starlight Express

December 2010 Starlight Tower Express Newsletter in St Pete Beach Pinellas County FloridaStarlight Tower - December 2010 Starlight Express Newsletter

December 2010 Starlight Tower Express Newsletter in St Pete Beach Pinellas County Florida

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About The Starlight Express

The very First Issue of  Starlight Express Newsletter was created by the Editor and Chief Pat Ifft on February 29, 1992 and since then is maintained and produced monthly by her for 17 years! All Starlighter's owe immense gratitude to Pat in keeping them informed with all happenings good and bad. 

Thank You Pat 

December 2010 Starlight Tower Express Newsletter in St Pete Beach Pinellas County Florida

Volume XIX, No. 7

December 10, 2010
Editor - Pat Ifft (
Webmaster - Louisa Simos (


On the Beach

Starlight Tower Express Newsletter December 2010

If you are from Ohio, Western Pennsylvania or West Virginia, you are probably familiar with strip mining. If you aren’t from those areas, just look out your windows at the scene in front of us. No, those aren’t mountains, and that isn’t a strip mining lake, but if you magnified the hills of sand and the pond by several powers of ten, that’s exactly what strip mining looks like. According to Andy Squires, Pinellas County Manager of Coastal Environment, in the next few weeks the new groins will be installed and buried, and our beautiful beach will be restored to its former awesome grandeur. It is interesting to have grandstand seats to view the daily work of protecting our beach. Let’s hope that these new groins will remain in place and do their job until the permanent structures are placed in 2013.

At the owners meetings on November 18, almost 300 shares were represented…..a wonderful showing of interest in the business to be conducted. Amendments to our By-Laws were passed: facilitating Starlight’s ability to collect delinquent funds upon sale or auction; suspending rights of owners who are more than 90 days delinquent to the use of our common areas (pool, shuffleboard, laundry); putting “teeth” in the enforcement provision for levying fines/penalties; and preventing time-share or fractional ownership at Starlight Tower. Owners also voted to waive the Year-End Audit. At the second owners meeting which immediately followed, owners voted to waive the requirement to fully fund the Reserves, and voted to carry over surplus funds from 2010 if any.

After the two owners meetings on November 18, the Board met, and here is a brief summary of that meeting.
  • Bad news: floor product used has started to bubble and crack.
  • Good news: manufacturer will be honoring the warranty and remedying the issue.
  • Bad news: we will have to leave our apartments when the new walkway material is installed. Be assured…there will be plenty of notice!
2011 Budget
  • Passed the budget for next year. The increase is due to loss of revenue from Sprint/Nextel, due to charges to Starlight in conjunction with moving their antennas during the roofing project; and anticipated hiring of a part-time administrative assistant.
  • Unit Owners install a screen on the inside of unit over the utility room vent opening (along the walkways) to insure no reptiles, bugs or any other critters enter a unit.
  • Turn off the water when you leave your apartment for more than 24 hours. It only takes a minute, and you may prevent a major disaster. The Board just now wrapped up final settlement with Tar Heel Roofers insurance for water damage in February, 2010.
The Annual membership meeting and election of Board of Directors will take place on Tuesday, February 8, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. in the lobby. There are five vacancies on the Board to be filled. If you’d like to run for the Board, submit your written notice, either by mail or in person addressed to the Starlight Tower, Inc., C/O Resource Property Management, 5901 Sun Blvd., Suite #103, St. Petersburg, FL 33715. You may include an information sheet with your notice, no larger than 8 ½ x 11, giving your qualifications and/or platform for office. This info sheet must be submitted to the Association on or before January 5, 2011 by 5:00 p.m.
2011 Parking Permits
Parking Permits for 2011 will be available soon from the SPB Police Department. They cost $20, cash or check (no credit cards). You must show your current tax statement and photo ID. Call Molly at the Police Department (363-9200) to make sure the permits have arrived from the vendor. You must be a SPB property owner to purchase a parking permit.
The Guest Apartment
If you want to rent the guest apartment (106), call Resource, (864-0004) and ask for Linda Rousseau or Diane Lavonne.
Our Pool
TECO natural gas is now hooked up, and a pool cover has been in use to conserve heat. If you want to swim, you can fold up the cover and then replace it when you are through. Hopefully, the natural gas and pool cover will save us some pool expense.

New & Returning renters:
We welcome Chuck & Anne Prokop, returning to #107, Jim & Verna Murphy to 405, and Mardy & Bill Dunne in 403; and Newcomers Dana Coyle in 607; Terrence & Margaret Rafter in 807; Gordon McDonald and Janet Phelan in 202; Vivian Rust in 203.
Returning owners:
Hello again….. Dan & Marlene Reid (201); Jim Brennan (206); Johnny & Gina Machado (303); Ed & Betty Gibson (402); Jack Errigo (401); Doug Joy (407); Frank & Karen Gulia (903).

Some People News:
We hope Nancy McGuigan (501) returns home soon from Bay Front Rehab, where she is undergoing therapy after knee replacement surgery on both knees.

Introducing our new maintenance man, (and Christmas light putter-upper) Bill Fields.
Starlight Tower Express Newsletter December 2010
Bill has been with Starlight a couple of months, and is an employee of Professional Cleaning & Maintenance. His normal hours are Monday-Friday, 9 to 2, but are flexible.

Bill is a 6th generation Floridian, and he lives in St. Petersburg. He has a son and daughter and his interests are centered around his family.
We welcome this personable gentleman to Starlight and hope that he’ll be with us for a long time.

Birthday wishes
to these January celebrants:
Starlight Tower Express Newsletter December 2010
Gail Dolphin – 6th; Steve Farst – 9th;
Alexandra Curran – 12th;
Sally Borland
– 17th;
Mohammed Seedat – 20th;
Jan Farhnow and Marcia Thorpe – 30th.
Starlight Tower Christmas party!

Starlight Tower Express Newsletter December 2010Just learned that the Starlight Christmas party will get underway on Wednesday, December 22, from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.
It will be very casual……bring down your own drink(s) and an hors d’oeuvre or finger food to share.
Sharon and Bill Isaacs and Johnny and Gina Machado have agreed to organize it…IF people stay to help clean up.
There will be a sign-up sheet in the mail area to get an idea of how many will be coming. Thanks, Isaacs’ and Machado’s!!!

Starlight Tower Express Newsletter December 2010
!!! Best Wishes

for a Wonderful Holiday Season

to all Starlighters and a

Happy New Year !!!

The site's mission: The Starlight Tower's website mission (which was voluntary created and is maintained by one of the owners) is to keep informed absent Starlighters of all important issues and events taking place in our property. Is nourished continuously with fresh information generously provided by resident fellow Starlighters and not only offers a private meeting place for owners but is helpful to the public regarding local events taking place in our town St. Pete Beach Pinellas County Florida as well as attractions, accommodations and places of interest to families, couples and  individuals. Please e-mail your textual and multimedia materials for inclusion in our website to Louisa Simos:

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