April 2012 Newsletter Starlight Express

April 2012 Starlight Tower Express Newsletter in St Pete Beach Pinellas County FloridaStarlight Tower - April 2012 Starlight Express Newsletter

April 2012 Starlight Tower Express Newsletter in St Pete Beach Pinellas County Florida

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Starlight Tower St. Pete Beach Florida August 2011 Starlight Express NewsletterE-mail This Page

About The Starlight Express

The very First Issue of  Starlight Express Newsletter was created by the Editor and Chief Pat Ifft on February 29, 1992 and since then is maintained and produced monthly by her for 19 years! All Starlighter's owe immense gratitude to Pat in keeping them informed with all happenings good and bad. 

Thank You Pat 


April 2012 Starlight Tower Express Newsletter in St Pete Beach Pinellas County Florida

Volume XXI, No. 4

April 28, 2012
Editor - Pat Ifft (eifft@tampabay.rr.com)
Webmaster - Louisa Simos ( webmaster@starlight-tower.com )

We're well into spring...
and many of our winter residents have already headed north. Spring break saw a great gathering of young people on the beach. Now traffic on Gulf Boulevard is thinning out, restaurants aren’t quite as hectic, and the sun is getting up earlier and going to bed much later. Best of all, baseball season is underway!

The Mailroom

The biggest improvement to the interior of Starlight since it was built, was accomplished in the last couple of weeks. The “mailroom” has been updated to include new lighting, new mailboxes, elegant granite counters, built-in cabinets and a desk where a person can sit and write a “corbod”, or take care of other in-house business.

April 2012 Starlight Tower Express Newsletter in St Pete Beach Pinellas County Florida      April 2012 Starlight Tower Express Newsletter in St Pete Beach Pinellas County Florida

Here’s the new mailroom system:

  • Owner or renter is to receive and sign for, two keys for the new mailbox. If not in residence at Starlight at this time, keys will be held in the Starlight office until your arrival. Please contact Martha in the office.
  • “If you have a parcel, the P.O. carrier will leave a key in your mailbox for one of the cabinets below, so identified by number on the tag. After you retrieve your parcel, drop the key in the “Outgoing Mail” slot.
  • “Forms for Corbods, Insurance Mitigation Reports, and Alteration Application packets can be found in the right-hand cabinet of the desk. Corbods and other office correspondence can be dropped in the slot provided in the #7 cabinet.
  • “The “retired” cubbies were sometimes used for exchange of non-secure messages, or items between owners and residents. In order to accommodate the continuations of this practice, the drawer and cabinet marked “In-House” Transfers” are for your convenience.
  • “Also for residents’ convenience, please note cabinets marked “Lending Library-Book Swap, "and drawers identified for coupons/ads, change-of-address forms, etc. New telephone books will be stored in the larger, lower cabinets until owners/residents retrieve their copies.
"We hope you enjoy the larger mailboxes and these new conveniences, as well as an upgrade in lobby ambience. Thanks for your cooperation during the transition.”
Marlene Reid, Arlene Kuhn, Gail Dolphin and Martha Rylander

And our thanks to Marlene, Arlene, Gail and Martha for their outstanding efforts.

Modifications to the Alteration/Remodeling Form

At its meeting on April 19, the Board approved new language added to our alteration/remodeling form (passed as a motion): “Item #6. That special precautions will be taken to protect Starlight’s walkways and stairways, including, but not limited to, securing protective covering, or tarp, from the elevator to the unit being renovated. Any damage, discoloration, or exceptional wear and tear will result in a charge to the shareholder for repairs/recoating by a licensed contractor of Starlight’s choosing.”
In addition, the Board reminds everyone of the absolute necessity of following Starlight’s stringent requirements in installing or removing shutters, or in any other renovation that involves invading the surface/skin of the building. If additional holes are made, or previously drilled holes no longer needed are not properly filled with the correct product, the building will be vulnerable to more of the corrosive effects it suffered in the past with the same disastrous consequences. The document addressing this issue, and other policy documents will be placed on our website. Also, please read items posted on the Directors’ bulletin board in the lobby.

Pool Renovation news from the Board:

While researching the advisability and options for resurfacing the deck of the pool, using some of the settlement funds, the Board learned that the pool itself has not been refinished since it was built in 1987-88. This means the marzite coating is well beyond its expected years of service, and that we are on borrowed time. In addition, it has been pointed out that the pool is out-of-compliance on several state requirements, and safety issues: there are no “No-Diving” signs, no cross-braced ladders, the skim gutter does not meet code, existing riser heights are not uniform, the step tile does not meet code and is not non-skid, and the depth markers are not within code mandates. Some of the Board members believe it would be short-sighted to ignore these warning signals, and not follow the recommendations of all the contractors who have inspected the pool and the decking, and pointed out the short-comings.
While some owners have questioned the advisability of using these funds during difficult economic times, and have referred to the project as a cosmetic improvement, it appears to be the consensus of the Board that the Starlight pool’s needs go well beyond the goal of cosmetic improvement. The Board will make the final decision while taking into consideration all points of view of the shareholders, and being aware of the fiduciary duties of the Board.

The Annual Shuffleboard Tournament

Starlight’s annual spring shuffleboard tournament was a huge success, as was expected, with a splendid group of players vying for the prize.

April 2012 Starlight Tower Express Newsletter in St Pete Beach Pinellas County Florida
Pictured above are this year’s winners:
Sharon Diehm (1002) and Kevin Hing
and runners-up:
Mary Hooten
(703) and Don Schneider (602).
April 2012 Starlight Tower Express Newsletter in St Pete Beach Pinellas County Florida
Consolation winners were:
John Dubeau
(306) and
Maggie Rafter

Chairpersons and the Committee
April 2012 Starlight Tower Express Newsletter in St Pete Beach Pinellas County Florida
Chairpersons were Marlene and Dan Reid,
with help from “The World’s Most Dedicated and Efficient Committee”:

Sharon & Carl Diehm, Gail Dolphin, Beth & John Dubeau, Alban & Mary Murphy, Verna & Jim Murphy, Ursula & Denis O’Connor, Maggie & Terry Rafter, Edith & Don Schneider.

After play was finished, players and non-players gathered in the lobby for a scrumptious catered dinner, complete with wine, desserts, and many, many door prizes. And didn’t the lobby look elegant? The lovely wreaths on the mirrored wall were made by Sharon Diehm, a multi-talented gal.
April 2012 Starlight Tower Express Newsletter in St Pete Beach Pinellas County Florida We’re urged to patronize the many generous prize donors. The list is on the bulletin board. Thanks to everyone for a wonderful day of special Starlight memories.

(Picture credits: Kevin Hing)

Some People News:
  • Welcome to new owner Sharen Bowden in Unit 101,
  • and to “old” owners of a new apartment, John and Gina Machado, Unit 505.
  • Happy to report Betty Gibson (402) is doing well at home after knee replacement surgery.

Letter Carriers Food Drive Day

Saturday, May 12 is “Letter Carriers Food Drive Day”. Let’s overwhelm Mary with our donations.

Showers of apologies to April Birthday people:
April 2012 Starlight Tower Express Newsletter in St Pete Beach Pinellas County Florida Mary Murphy – 1st; Jim Brennan – 3rd; Sandy Bogden – 4th;
Mary Quinn – 15th; and Alice Hartmann – 27th.

Sorry these birthdays weren’t included in the March Express.

And May bouquets to:
April 2012 Starlight Tower Express Newsletter in St Pete Beach Pinellas County Florida Maggie Dickinson – 3rd; Nancy McGuigan – 8th;
Sue Alley
– 9th; Steve Fansler – 17th;
Evangelos Simos – 18th; DeeDee Wales – 24th;
Sue Garland
– 25th; Carol Campbell – 26th;
Dan Reid
– 28th.

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