April 2009 Newsletter Starlight Express

April 2009 Starlight Express Newsletter of Starlight Tower in St Pete Beach Pinellas County FloridaStarlight Tower - April 2009 Starlight Express Newsletter

April 2009 Starlight Express Newsletter of Starlight Tower in St Pete Beach Pinellas County Florida

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Starlight Tower St. Pete Beach Florida February 2008 Starlight Express NewsletterE-mail This Page

About The Starlight Express

The very First Issue of  Starlight Express Newsletter was created by the Editor and Chief Pat Ifft on February 29, 1992 and since then is maintained and produced monthly by her for 17 years! All Starlighter's owe immense gratitude to Pat in keeping them informed with all happenings good and bad. 

Thank You Pat 

April 2009 Starlight Express Newsletter of Starlight Tower in St Pete Beach Pinellas County Florida

April 15, 2009
Editor - Pat Ifft (eifft@tampabay.rr.com)
Webmaster - Louisa Simos (webmaster@starlight-tower.com )


This edition of the Express is late……a combination of visiting family and many doctors appointments is my excuse this time. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter; and now visions of summer are already in our sights. The weather has been capricious….as spring is supposed to be. Here’s all the news from Starlight and vicinity.

The “Project” is winding down…..and don’t we look grand? There are some final details being worked out, but looking at the building from the street, don’t you have the satisfaction of gazing up at our lovely house and knowing that it was worth all the noise, construction dirt, inconvenience and money.  

Here’s the latest status report from President Marlene Reid:

  • Air conditioner units here at Starlight vary in style and capacity. The design of the new a/c vent covers does not allow full operating efficiency for some of the units. Therefore many vent covers have been removed so they can be adapted at the shop. Be assured that testing will be done to make certain that the new adaptations allow the a/c units to work as they have in the past.

  • The fire alarm system with necessary code upgrades will be put back into its original position in the coming weeks. Then the old conduit will be removed and CPS (the contractor) will patch and paint the areas vacated.

  • Small stainless steel panels are being installed in the elevator door jams where rust is coming through.

  • The garages have been painted to match the building and Christy is making good progress with the garage doors. Also the south boundary wall in the parking lot has been painted.

  • A cleaning crew and a landscaping crew to replace some damaged grass and shrubbery are being scheduled in the final wrap-up stages.

An addendum to this newsletter contains some very important reminders about the RULES and REGULATIONS of Starlight Tower, Inc. We all need to be aware that Starlight is NOT a motel, a hotel, a rooming house, or an apartment house. It is a cooperative…..and each unit is a private home. Please review the rules listed….(you can read them on our website or in a hard copy on the mail counter). Make sure your renters and guests understand them. Areas covered include laundry, parking, noise, keys, pool rules (no food is permitted on the pool deck), security, guests, Apt. 106, trash, grills, walkways. During this past Easter weekend, most of the house rules were broken in one way or another. Let’s work together to keep our Starlight homes enjoyable for us all.


The annual Shuffleboard Tourney and Dinner were a huge success, as always. Marlene Reid, with her crew planned and executed a wonderful day of tourney play followed by a delicious lasagna dinner. Even mother nature cooperated and gave us one of her extra-special spring days. The courts were put into professional shape by this group of dedicated guys: Denis O’Connor, Lorne Hiller, Don Schneider, Jim Murphy and Dan Reid. Many thanks, men. And thanks to CPS Foreman Norm and his crew who patched the cracks in the court concrete.

April 2009 Starlight Express Newsletter of Starlight Tower in St Pete Beach Pinellas County Florida
Denis and Don oversee the play.

April 2009 Starlight Express Newsletter of Starlight Tower in St Pete Beach Pinellas County Florida
Ricci Diedo (Consolation winner) with Chairman Marlene, and Ursula O’Connor.

April 2009 Starlight Express Newsletter of Starlight Tower in St Pete Beach Pinellas County Florida
Gail Dolphin, Champion, with Dan Reid at the Announcers’ Table.


Who won the tournament? Congratulations to:

Champions: Gail Dolphin and Anthony Van Heel (guest of the Reids).
Runners Up: Anne Prokop and Lorne Hiller
Consolation Winners: Ricci Diedo and Denis O’Connor

Who worked so hard to make the day a success? Many thanks to:
Sophie Bryk, Gail Dolphin, Billy and Joyce Graff, Lorne and Anne Hiller, Bill Isaacs, Jim and Verna Murphy, Denis and Ursula O’Connor, Chuck and Anne Prokop, Mary Quinn, Dan and Marlene Reid, Don and Edith Schneider, Al Stucko and Marcia Thorpe.

Whom do we thank for the generous door prizes? (More than $700 in value!)

Please patronize them!
  • Beverly’s La Croisette,
  • Sweetbay,
  • Publix,
  • Gulfport Hardware,
  • Beach Theater,
  • Monster Pizzeria,
  • Fantastic Sam’s,
  • Skidders,
  • Produce Shop,
  • Frog Pond,
  • Village Inn,
  • Synovus Bank,
  • Woody’s,
  • French Nails,
  • Fortunato’s,
  • Lou’s Florist,
  • Dunkin Donuts and
  • McDonald’s

Sophie BrykBasket of goodies;

Mary Quinnhand painted picture;

Ed and Ricci Diedo3M Gift Box;

Maggie Ifft VarnadoeDisney Tickets

While we’re thanking people, we should mention our appreciation to Lois Christman and Lorne and Anne Hiller who gave the lobby a thorough cleaning prior to the dinner.

The Sunshine Fund is in dire need of replenishing. See Gina Machado (303) to make a contribution. This fund provides cards and small gifts to those who have been hospitalized or are otherwise “shut-in”.

If you are interested in Starlight’s history, we are in the process of restoring a “Memory Book”, originally compiled by former Starlighter Lorraine Fricek Smith. Volume One has been completed, and if you would like to borrow it, give me (Pat Ifft) a call at 367-2189. Also, if you have memorabilia and/or pictures from later years (1990 – present) I would like to borrow it to make copies. Depending on demand, you may keep the book for a reasonable time – 2 or 3 days.

Bill Isaacs is chairing a committee to update our documents. Members include: Al Schaerges, Mike Kuhn, Ric Garland and Ed Ifft.


Birthday cakes and lots of presents to these April and May folks:

April 2009 Starlight Tower Express Newsletter Belated April: Jim Brennan – 3rd; Sandy Bogden – 11th.
April: Mary Quinn – 15th; Alice Hartmann – 27th;
May: Maggie Dickinson – 3rd; Nancy McGuigan and Ed Diedo – 8th; Sue Alley – 9th; Tammy Layman – 14th; Steve Fansler – 17th; Evangelos Simos & Al Schaerges & Elsie Tarrell – 18th; D.D. Wales – 24th; Sue Garland – 25th; Carol Campbell – 26th; Dan Reid – 28th; Ray Thompson – 29th.

If you are new to Starlight in the last year or two, please email me your birthday. Thanks.

The site's mission: The Starlight Tower's website mission (which was voluntary created and is maintained by one of the owners) is to keep informed absent Starlighters of all important issues and events taking place in our property. Is nourished continuously with fresh information generously provided by resident fellow Starlighters and not only offers a private meeting place for owners but is helpful to the public regarding local events taking place in our town St. Pete Beach Pinellas County Florida as well as attractions, accommodations and places of interest to families, couples and  individuals. Please e-mail your textual and multimedia materials for inclusion in our website to Louisa Simos: webmaster@starlight-tower.com

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