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About The Starlight Express

The very First Issue of  Starlight Express Newsletter was created by the Editor and Chief Pat Ifft on February 29, 1992 and since then is maintained and produced monthly by her for 17 years! All Starlighter's owe immense gratitude to Pat in keeping them informed with all happenings good and bad. 

Thank You Pat


Starlight Express

Starlight Tower Newsletter



The Starlight Express
April 23, 2007
Editor – Pat Ifft

Webmaster - Louisa Simos



It has been almost six weeks since the last issue of the Express, and there is much to be covered. So let us make haste.

About 50 people attended the annual meeting on April 17 with the following Board elected:


For two-year terms:

Marlene Reid, Lynn Dopp, and Virginia Machado.


For one-year terms: 

Bill Wales, Stanley Bryk, Tom Kelley, and Mary (Jackie) Dickinson.


Officers were elected in a meeting immediately following the annual meeting: President - Marlene Reid, Vice President - Lynn Dopp, Treasurer - Gina Machado. The secretary position is still to be filled. We wish this new Board well as they conduct the affairs of the Association.

On Wednesday evening (April 18), Dennis DiTinno, CEO of Liberte Management (our recently contracted management company) had an informational meeting with the Board and attending owners, outlining his possible role as a liaison person with Karins Engineering, Wilson-Kehoe contractors, and the asbestos removal company, in the upcoming building rehab project. His fee would be paid with money saved by his diligent oversight of the contracts. On Thursday night at the regular meeting of the Board, Dennis was engaged for a two-week period to evaluate the project and report back at the end of that time. To date, no contracts have been signed with any companies on the project.

Other actions of the Board:

  • Thanked Edel Quinn, Kevin Hing and Tom Hooten for their work on the rehab project.
  • Authorized the installation of a small shower outside the pool fence for washing sand off feet after a stroll on the beach.
  • Named adjunct committees in these areas:
    By-laws and Rules and Regulationas documents updating (Lynn Dopp to chair)
    Landscaping/Grounds – (Stan Bryk to chair)
    Architectural committee (building appearance) – (Gigi Guthrie to chair). Gigi and George
    (Apt. 208) have photos that show areas of deterioration in the building if anyone would like to see them.
  • Established a policy for owner participation at Board meetings:
    During the discussion period when a motion is on the floor, any owner may speak to the motion for a time period not to exceed two minutes for each speaker. This is in addition to the regular time allotted for owner participation at the end of the meeting.
  • The next Board meeting will be on Monday, May 14 at 7 p.m. in the lobby. Note change.
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Starlight Tower


The site's mission


The Starlight Tower's website mission (which was voluntary created and is maintained by one of the owners) is to keep informed absent Starlighters of all important issues and events taking place in our property. Is nourished continuously with fresh information generously provided by resident fellow Starlighters and not only offers a private meeting place for owners but is helpful to the public regarding local events taking place in our town St. Pete Beach Pinellas County Florida as well as attractions, accommodations and places of interest to families, couples and  individuals.


Please e-mail your textual and multimedia materials for inclusion in our website to:


This is a good place to mention again that we are undergoing a difficult process, segueing from an administrative secretary and self management, to a management company. In addition, the new board has just been seated. We all must be patient and do our part to help in our governance in any way we are able.

For communication to Liberte and/or maintenance, you may fill out a CORBOD and drop it in the Board of Directors slot in the mail room, from which it will be sent on to Liberte, or you may call our manager, Colleen McLachlan directly at 360-2006, or email her at libertesales@tampabay.rr.com.

The guest apartment may be booked by calling Colleen, and remember that you may reserve it no more than 3 months in advance. The current rate is $68 per night. Please understand that the role of the guest apartment is to provide additional sleeping and living space for overflow guests. Cooking is not permitted except for microwave. Host owner must be in residence at Starlight for 106 to be used by guests.

Beach UpdateStarlight Tower Newsletter
Hugh McGuigan and Marlene Reid have been in contact with Nicole Elko, Pinellas County Beach Coordinator, regarding the renourishment of Upham Beach. We understood this was supposed to take place this year in conjunction with the dredging of Blind Pass. However, because the EPA is concerned about the oil sediment in Blind Pass, and the extensive testing which will have to occur, the go-ahead for the pumping of sand onto our beach will take place, hopefully in 2008.

Around the building
Liberte reports that the fence on the north side of the building will be fixed and a handicap ramp installed at the lobby door to the Gulf side, as soon as the designated contractor returns from vacation.
Christy and Tim have finished restringing the bird deterrent lines over the pool. The flowers and shrubs must know it’s spring…they are abundant and lovely, thanks to Christy and Tim and Sophie Bryk.

Shuffleboard Tournament
It seems a very long time ago (March 17) that the marvelous shuffleboard tournament and dinner provided a welcome respite from daily routine. Dan and Marlene Reid and their hard-working committee hosted the event, and despite the cool weather, everyone had a great time. This year’s champions were Roy Gearhart and Denis O’Connor. About 70 hungry people delighted in the buffet dinner….and afterwards enjoyed visiting with good friends and neighbors while Marlene and Gail (Dolphin) handed out door prizes - gifts from 35 local merchants and from several individuals - to 60 lucky people. The evening ended with a sing-along led by Dan Reid and Ed Diedo. It was good to have Denis (the referee) and Ursula O’Connor back with us, as well as Marge Whittey and Bill and Lorraine Smith, all former Starlighters. The list of donors is included with this newsletter, and we urge you to patronize as many of these businesses as you can, and let them know you appreciate their generosity.

A Letter From Hugh
On another page you will find former director Hugh McGuigan’s letter upon his retirement from service on the Starlight Board of Directors. Thank you, Hugh, for your many years of dedication to Starlight Tower.

Our People
The sympathy of the Starlight family is extended to Sue Alley (Apt. 705) on the death of her brother;
to Dick and Gail Dolphin on the death of Dick’s sister, Janet; and to Verna Murphy on the death of her sister.

Congratulations to first-time grandfather Doug Joy (Apt. 407) on the birth of Ethan Frederick to Doug’s daughter and son-in-law.

We’re glad Peg Gearhart is all well again after being at Palms Hospital.

A reminder - if you have a computer and an email address and wish to receive this newsletter and other communications by email, send us your email address. And don’t forget to access our website at www.starlight-tower.com. Louisa Simos is the webmaster. Starlight Express can be accessed on the site.

Starlight Tower NewsletterMay flowers to these birthday celebrants:
Maggie Dickinson on the 3rd, Maryanne Piplica on the 5th, Nancy Murphy and Ed Diedo
on the 8th, Sue Alley on the 9th, Kristine Korotney, Evangelos Simos and Allen Schaerges on the 18th, Deedee Wales on the 24th, Sue Garland on the 25th, Carol Campbell on the 26th, Dan Reid on the 28th, and Ray Thompson on the 29th.



Addition to the Starlight Express, April 23, 2007

From Hugh E. McGuigan
To My Friends:

This is not going to be a long goodbye, because “goodbye” it is not. I will still be here among you.
Rather, I wish to offer a brief farewell to my service on this Board and to you my neighbors.
I have been doing this for about 20 years. The purpose of my remarks is to say “thank you” to the many people who helped me over those two decades. Such good Board members and each dedicated to doing the right thing. I could not have failed if I tried.

During the ten years prior to my stepping gown as President, this corporation spent a million and a half dollars in the areas of capital improvements and special assessments.
Anyone who has any public service experience knows that it is easy to raise a million and a half; but spending it is another issue. The city, county and state all have their own regulations….and then there is the bidding and quoting process which must be adhered to. Time! Time! Time!

It would be difficult to single out each person for his or her contributions; but permit me to reflect upon a few memorable ones:

Ed Diedo, wizard in our midst. Ed and Andy Duhaime (101) came to me and said, “Just handling the insurance claims and awards is a fulltime job. You have your hands full managing all of the contractors and building projects.” The first floor was completely destroyed and the seawall was in bits and pieces all over the place. Our pool was filled with every kind of debris imaginable. “So”, they went on, “you hande the field work and we will handle the paper work.” They did a superb job that was readable by all. I was able to close up the building and begin reconstruction activities.

Passing two $100,000 assessments in a five-year period was tough; but these folks did it. It was door-to-door work, phone to phone; but we received your approval. Yes, we did it with the consent of the governed – and everyone slept soundly.

For 14 years I worked on our Beach Renourishment project; but always the Talahassee stone wall emerged. Then enters Marlene Reid. She says to me, “I am the Governor’s (Jeb) “Aunt Marlene. Let us go see him – we’ll get in.” Well, the plan that we presented that nobody said would work, was approved, and it worked! Just as insurance, Marlene organized a small “riot” at City Hall – just so that the topic would not slip anyone’s mind. I never saw organizational skills that good.

I could go on forever, citing the contributions of such as Paul Reardon, Jim Feeman, Ed and Pat Ifft, Dick and Hazel Germaney, Ed Gibson, Lorraine Smith and our current Board. If I forgot to mention a name or two, no offense was intended. Just credit 78 years with that.

Finally, to quote Edward R. Murrow, “Good night and good luck.” You will need the latter. Thank you all for your attention and your help.

Hugh E. McGuigan
(Letter dated “April 2007”)


Addition to the Starlight Express – April 23, 2007

Starlight Tower Newsletter

Here is the list of the merchants and individual donors who give door prizes for the Shuffleboard Tourney:

 1. Jim’s on the Beach – Harley Davidson collector’s plaque
 2. Maggie Varnadoe – Two 1-day park-hopper passes to Disney World
 3. McDonald’s – condiments (ketchup, mustard, creamers, etc.)
 4. The Village Inn – 10 pies donated for the dinner – value over $100
 5. Bat’s Taxi - $25.00 gift certificate
 6. Carino’s - $25.00 gift certificate
 7. St. Pete Beach Hardware – dry-erase calendar/board - $19.00 value
 8. Albertson’s - $20.00 gift card
10. Sweetbay - $25.00 gift card
10. Publix - $25.00 gift cardStarlight Tower Newsletter
11. Edibles in Pasadena - $25.00 fruit arrangement
12. Skidder’s Restaurant - $20.00 gift certificate
13. Salon on the Grill - $15.00 certificate for hair or nails
14. Shaner’s Land & Sea Market – 4 fillet mignon steaks
15. Mary Quinn – Cruise for 2 on Treasure Island Casino Cruz
16. Rally Service Station – 6 free car washes & 3 $10.00 store cards
17. Norman’s Liquors - $25.00 certificate
18. Corey Avenue Five and Dime – 3 Christmas items, candles, etc.
19. Woody’s Waterfront – Oyster Shucker - $25.00 certificate
20. Fit for Life – one-month membership & free joiner’s fee - $95.00 value
21. Lou’s Florist - $25.00 gift certificate
22. Beverly’s LaCroisette – 3 certificates for breakfast for two
23. Sophie Bryk – box of “Praying Hands” stationery - $10.00 value
24. Sea Critters - $20.00 gift certificate
25. Blue Sky Boutique – Lady’s decorative purse - $45.00 value
26. Beach Hair Affair - $31.00 certificate – haircut/blow dry or other
27. Fantastic Sam’s in Pasadena - $14.00 Adult haircut certificate
28. Ric & Sue Garland – men’s sports t-shirt
29. Monster Pizzeria Sports Bar & Grill - $10.00 gift certificate
30. Beach Bods – four 2-week memberships, value $80.00 - $160.00
31. Durango’s Oak Fire Steakhouse – five $10.00 certificates
32. Dockside Dave’s - $25.00 gift certificate
33. St. Pete Beach Theater on Corey – 8 pairs of passes
34. C. D. Roma Italian Restaurant – three $10.00 certificates
35. The Reef – four $5.00 certificates
36. The Blue Parrott – two $15.00 certificates
37. Abbey Printing – owner Debbie Barber - $30.00 gift certificate
38. Lorraine Smith – Starlight Tower t-shirt, priceless collectible
39. Wings – sweatshirt for man or woman (exchangeable) - $12.99
40. Slimer’s Clothing Store on Corey - $25.00 gift certificate

Please patronize these generous merchants


  Molon Lave                                                                                                                              Semper Fidelis

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