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Vandalized T-Groin on Upham Beach, no longer protects Starlight Tower

Is a well known fact that the T-Groin placed in front of Starlight Tower at Upham Beach was maliciously vandalized in the recent months. It was partially repaired, then vandalized again and by now offers next to zero protection to the owners and the building since the parallel to the seacoast geo-textile-tubes have been totally disappeared. The situation is especially grim right now with the hurricane season full blast upon our area. For the benefit of absent Starlighters, this page contains video so you can see with your own eyes and appreciate the imminent danger our property faces as we speak!

To see the video posted here, you must allow this website to run scripts or ActiveX Controls.


Watch On YouTube Starlight Tower Video, August 31, 2008, duration 0:01:12 min

Click picture to see video of the damaged T-Groin in front of Starlight Tower





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