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Shuffleboard Tournament at Starlight Tower

Shuffleboard at Starlight Tower is a very big affair for many years and favorable pastime to many residents so much so that we even have our own tournaments and Champions each year.

Shuffleboard Tournament at Starlight Tower Florida

At the lobby of the building on a prominent location is displayed the New Millennium Shuffleboard Tournament Champions plaque which clearly indicates the seriousness with which the folks here take this event.

Shuffleboard Tournament at Starlight Tower Florida

Participants were a plethora of players and onlookers encouraging their friends and neighbors to excel in the game and become this year's new champions. This event was extra special coinciding with St Patrick's Day which added an additional cheery mood to the crowd and having as added bonus the expectation of a succulent after-game feast catered by one of the residents. 

Shuffleboard Tournament at Starlight Tower Florida

Even though the weather was a little windy thankfully the sun was very cooperative shining full blast and warming just enough both players and spectators which embedded the stamp of success at the games. Several tourists walking at the beach stopped by our seawall to see what is the commotion about and seeing the games in progress linger others for a while others for longer periods of time cheering the players.

Shuffleboard Tournament at Starlight Tower Florida

The current form of the game was initially found on Ocean liners in their attempt to entertain bored travelers during long sailing days between ports of call. Soon the success of this favorite pastime was transplanted ashore probably by an ingenious vacationing business person at a resort area on Daytona Beach Florida in 1913. And the rest as they say is history. Neighboring resorts adapted the new activity then neighboring towns and retirement villages and finally the whole state of Florida with the largest complex in St Petersburg counting 107 courts in 1965.

Shuffleboard Tournament at Starlight Tower Florida

The basic rules of the game is to propel discs by means of the cue onto a scoring diagram on the opposite end of the court. When thrusting the discs the players may score or prevent their opponent from scoring or both. A play begins by propelling a disc using a cue and alternating shots of yellow and red discs followed by black until all discs are shot. Each game may be played to 50, 75 or 100 points. Winners on match plays are decided on who wins 2 out of 3 games.
There are also penalty points and are given whenever a disc touches the front or back of a line or when a disc touches the side or middle of a line or when a player leaves the court without permission or when a player shoots his disc before his opponent's disc comes to a complete stop.

Shuffleboard Tournament at Starlight Tower Florida

This year's tournament started at 10 a.m. with all participants singing the National Anthem and concluded a little after 3 p.m. There was pleasant background music throughout the event via loud speakers and announcements during match points.

Shuffleboard Tournament at Starlight Tower Florida

So another successful tournament has come to an end and in a few days this year's champions name will be added at our Millennium Tournament plaque. Congratulations to all.
Submitted for publishing on March 26, 2013 by Marlene Reid

Congratulations to the Winners


Fabulous, Hard-working, Dedicated Committee
Sharon & Carl Diehm
Yvonne Dinardo
Gail Dolphin
Beth & John Dubeau
Mary & Alban Murphy
Verna & Jim Murphy
Ursula & Denis O’Connor
Chuck Prokop
Marlene & Dan Reid
Edith & Don Schneider

Merchants Who Contributed Certificates/items for Door Prizes – Please Patronize!
  • Sweetbay
  • Rally’s - 7 Car Washes
  • Shaner’s Land and Sea
  • The Frog Pond
  • P.J.’s Oyster Bar
  • Publix
  • Bat’s Taxi
  • Fit for Life
  • Jerry’s Corey Landing Barber
  • Mitzi’s Hair Salon
  • Toasted Monkey
  • Mardy & Bill Dunn – Bottle of Crème de Menthe
  • Sharon Diehm - Gum Drop Trees
  • Daquari Shak
  • Woody’s Waterfront
  • Beverly’s LaCroisette
  • Lou’s Florist
  • Su Ottavo
  • Verducci’s
  • Curves
  • Scoops
  • Paradise Gifts
  • St. Pete Beach Produce
  • Carrabas
  • Fantastic Sam’s
  • The Oyster Schucker
  • Steam & Chill
  • Ten Pin Lanes
  • Skidder’s
  • Sloppy Pelican
  • Blue Parrot
  • Sky Blue Boutique
  • Nails “N” Nails
  • Rick’s Beef
  • French Nails

  • Disney Park-Hopper Passes –Contributed by Maggie Vernadoe, Iffts’ Daughter

The Above Merchants Deserve Special Thanks!
And Thanks to All Who Took Part to Make the Event Such A Success!

Molon Lave Semper Fidelis
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