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Restoration Project Report to Owners #1 - Starlight Tower 

Starlight Tower, Inc.
7000 Beach Plaza
St. Pete Beach, FL 33706


Note: Please pay special attention to section on “West Side” below!

Project Starts:
Due to a slight delay in permitting, the contractors began setting up on Starlight property on April 7th and immediately got to work. As Pat noted in the Express, the workers are all very polite and professional. The Engineer, Vance (from Resource) and the contractor’s management team have been meeting with the Board reps (Marlene, Bill and Lynn) each Monday to discuss findings and progress. The initial plan is to start on the north side of the building, then the west (gulf) side work will be done at the same time the walkway work begins on the 10th floor.

North Side:
Swing stages were set up, then inspection and repair of cracks was done and new sealant around all windows applied. We were notified at that time that the new paint would be applied as each section of the building was done, so the Design Committee hurried into action to select the final color. After numerous site visits and a “patchwork” of test colors (and lots of input from Owners in residence) the new color, a rich, creamy white (“Water Chestnut” with 50% white) was selected and applied to the North wall.

East Side:
To date, asbestos removal has occurred on the 9th and 10th floors in order to inspect the joists and slab supporting the walkways. “Severe deterioration” of both has been found on the 9th floor (underside of 10th floor walkways). The engineer’s report and pictures are attached for your review. As Pat and Marlene noted, anyone in doubt as to whether this work is needed only needs to visit this floor (or see the pictures). Will continue to report findings as the work progresses.

West Side:
As you recall, the contract calls for crack repair, application of new sealants around all windows, inspection (and repair, if necessary) of the open balconies and waterproof painting on the Gulf side. This has already proven to be a challenge. The swing stages are up and the inspection is already showing a LOT of damage. Many of the damaged areas are around the storm shutters and the contractors are finding that many may need to come down to get to the cracked and damaged areas for repair. Although Marlene noted in the Express that best waterproofing of your windows could be done if you elected to remove your shutters, we are now being told that in many instances the shutters (or portions thereof) WILL HAVE TO come down. The contractors are sharing their swing stages with the shutter vendor, but timing must be considered so the main project is not affected. Therefore, this is to serve as notice that if inspection shows your shutters will need to come down to effect structural repairs to the building, they will be removed by a vendor working with CPS and replaced after the repair. The cost of this operation will be billed to the Owner of the unit. To ensure the safety of your shutters, they will be placed on the balcony area of each unit until they can be reattached. We have received permission from the building inspector to reattach existing shutters.

Similarly, windows in a few of the units may require removal. The same process will apply as for shutters, including the Owners being billed for the costs associated with removal and reinstallation. For units requiring window removal, the contractor will erect a barrier on the porch area to protect the interior of the unit. Since this is a more delicate operation than the shutters, you will be notified by Resource Property Management if this is needed on your unit.

Please note, every care will be taken in the removal of shutters and/or windows, and will only be done if absolutely necessary. However, owners should be aware there is always a risk of damage in removals, especially as some of the installations are apparently aged or in poor condition. If the shutter or window cannot be reinstalled, you will be notified.

Again, please take time to look at some of these early pictures of the damaged areas being found, especially on the west side, where some of the damage may have been caused at the time of shutter installation. Also, poor caulking is being found around many of the shutters and windows, with many having open spaces exposed to the elements. It’s becoming pretty obvious why many of us have had problems with waterlogged balconies!

We will continue to report regularly on the progress of the restoration so you can enjoy the process even if you are not able to be here.

~~ Lynn Dopp
Attachments: Engineer report 4/30/08 (#07) and pictures

webmaster's note: Bellow are my personal thoughts about Starlight's Restoration Project back in 2008. Now while updating the site in March 2013 I want to encourage future generations of Starlighters to always continue and maintain the good upkeep of our beautiful property and whenever repairs are needed, never hesitate but do it because is worth it.
Starlight Tower belongs to a category of uniquely designed buildings found throughout the nation that are truly marvels of architectural genius whose quality and originality must be preserved and in case of deterioration, restored. Buildings are structures that from time to time require ongoing maintenance to prevent them falling into disrepair as a result of the ravages of time the elements of nature and use. Restoring a building is a process that includes a set of many activities that is greater than the usual year to year maintenance and less than a demolition or construction of a new building.

The scope of a restoration depends on a variety of circumstances such as the status of a building and the affordability of the work required in order to return the building to its previous state of conservation.

Our beloved building Starlight Tower, soon to celebrate its 50th anniversary is ready to start its restoration which will ensure the building’s long-term health. The process will be long and expensive but these are monies well spend that will not only guarantee the maintenance of our property’s value but will enhance it!

Starlight Tower will always be the one and only building at St Pete Beach that is literary build on the water! No other building in the whole area is as privileged as we are. In recent years many beautiful buildings have emerged like mushrooms all over the place which only serves to emphasize even more our building’s character and uniqueness.

Molon Lave Semper Fidelis
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