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July Restoration Report #2 - Starlight Tower 

Starlight Tower, Inc.
7000 Beach Plaza
St. Pete Beach, FL 33706

July 2008

Our construction company (CPS) and our asbestos abatement company (CTS), continue to have multiple teams moving through the floors of our building accomplishing their different tasks.
We are still on schedule!
The leadership team continues to meet weekly with Vance (from Resource), Bill Wales and Lynn Dopp so issues can be addressed promptly. The Engineer (Santiago) attends the meetings every other week, but is frequently on site inspecting the work.

As I reported before, the work is being done in multiple, simultaneous phases. The current status of our beloved building is as follows:
Walkway covering (river rock) removal:
completed on all floors and stairwells.
Many areas of damage and cracks were found, including some areas where the metal mesh (usually in the middle of the concrete slab) was visible. A few areas of the 2” slab were so thin they actually fell apart and required a plywood ‘patch’ to be placed so we could walk on them.

North Side wall:
completely done, sealed and painted.

East Side:
  • Asbestos removed (abated) on floors 10 – 4. Team currently working on the 3rd floor.
  • REPAIR PROCESS has now begun and is nearly complete on the 10th floor, will be moving to the 9th floor soon. Remember, the repair process could not begin until the walkway covering was removed and asbestos was abated, so that ‘soundings’ could be done to identify areas with damaged rebar/metal. CPS anticipates bringing in additional workers as the greater work of repairing (and possibly replacing) joists begins on the 9th floor.
  • Cathodic protection system: continuity has been achieved on floors 10 and 8 so far; 9th (and others) will follow the repair process.

West (Gulf) Side:

  • As reported previously, the damage on this side of the building continues to be greater than anticipated in some areas and has required a few owners to be subject to the cost of removal/replacement of shutters and/or windows. As noted previously, if this is necessary the owner will be notified. IF YOUR PHONE NUMBER OR CONTACT INFORMATION HAS CHANGED, PLEASE BE SURE TO GIVE THE NEW INFORMATION TO “RESOURCE PROPERTY MGMNT” SO YOU CAN BE CONTACTED PROMPTLY.
  • West side work is done by ‘stack’ (e.g. all the ’08 units) since it requires a swing stage to be suspended from the roof for each group. Progress to date: ‘08’ Stack: required window removal from 2 units (one of which also required shutter removal) to effect repairs to the building wall. These and all other repairs to the ‘08’ stack have been completed, all windows sealed and the first coats of paint applied. Some damage to the kneewall of unit 108 was found and will also be repaired.
  • ‘07’ Stack: Only unit 107 required window & shutter removal, again related to severe damage of the kneewall (as with 108, probably related to previous 1st floor flooding). Repairs of all identified damaged areas are currently underway on this stack. Good news: Inspection of our first “open balcony” (907) showed that both it and the unit below (807) were structurally intact and did not require repair.
  • ‘06’ Stack: swing stage will be moving here next week, but preliminary inspection seems to indicate most severe damage is to 106 wall.
  • Again, if detailed inspection reveals a need to remove windows and/or shutters, you will be notified. But remember, we cannot tell in advance which units this will be – until the swing stage moves to your ‘stack’ and the detailed, “up close” inspections can be made.

Other Issues:

  • 1. AC Grate coverings: The contractor has located a local manufacturer who can make the new grate covers for us. (Previous distributors were unable to produce covers in the sizes needed). The manufacturer will produce a sample of both the current grate pattern and a louvered one for us to see.
  • 2. Walkway drains: the original building plan called for the walkways to drain water into the drainpipes that run down the side of the building, with ‘overflow’ water going out the ‘scuppers” (openings) in the walkway kneewalls. The integrity of these drainpipes will be tested to ensure they are patent and able to support this load of water before the walkway sloping plan is designed. An alternate plan may be to slope the walkway runoff through the scuppers if necessary to avoid a potential ruptured drainage pipe. If this is done, a ‘lip’ will be added to the edge of the scupper to prevent the water from running down our freshly painted walls.

In short, although our building currently is looking a bit like a patchwork quilt, it is heartening to know that these much needed repairs are being done and her ‘facelift’ is underway!

~~ Lynn Dopp

Molon Lave Semper Fidelis
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