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  Starlight Tower St Pete Beach Florida
Owners: For Your Eyes Only
Starlight Tower St Pete Beach Florida Starlight Tower St Pete Beach, Pinnelas County, Florida  
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Starlight Tower, 7000 Beach Plaza, St. Pete Beach, Florida 33706
Starlight Tower, St Pete Beach, Florida

Starlight Tower is a dazzling white colored upscale co-op Association Apartment Building on the cosmopolitan city of St Pete Beach Florida Pinellas County at the Gulf of Mexico famous for its status as a tourist destination.

The building has nine floors and a penthouse (two units) with a total of 72 apartments.

All units of the ninth floor and all units at the North side of the building have two bedrooms and two baths. The rest of the units are either one bedroom, a studio or efficiency.

Renting a unit: Owners can rent their unit for a minimum of a three month period.


  • Laundry facilities on each floor.
  • Two elevators.
  • Parking lot with mixture of private enclosed garages in three buildings and open parking spaces assigned to each unit. On the North garage building is the Association's office.
  • Marvelous landscaped grounds with tropical flowers and palm trees.
  • Shuffleboard court with annual shuffleboard tournament for the residents.
  • An astonishing swimming pool, that was renovated in 2012 - 2013 and unlimited beach walk!

How is life at Starlight Tower?
In a word "amazing"! From sunrise to sunset looking out your windows and balconies at the Gulf and the non stop activities at the beach with people swimming, surfing, sailing, parasailing, sunbathing, fishing and certainly the birds who are the best fishermen in the area! But especially the sunsets where you see the sun dipping ever so slowly and leisurely disappearing burning red in the Gulf's waters and the sky colored by the divine palette on all hues of red and blue you feel at peace and content as if somehow entered paradise for a few precious moments. Oh yes, life is good here.

Our Location from Google Earth

Aerial view of Starlight Tower Aerial from Google Earth on the North End of St Pete Beach Florida next to Blind Pass
Every cart postal of St Pete Beach you buy, two buildings stand out: a pink on the South side and a white on the North side. On the south side the pink, is the most luxurious and historic hotel of the area Don CeSar Beach Resort a Loews Hotel and on the north side the white is us, Starlight Tower! Don CeSar was build in 1926 and its construction completed two years later with grand opening in 1928. The Don is one of eight hotels in Florida that is listed on the National Trust for Historical Preservation, Historic Hotels of America.

in brief:  
Our building was built in 1958 and our relationship with Don CeSar is that both of us respectively adorn the North and South side of St Pete Beach the two most beautiful landmark buildings, one pink the other white boasting solid construction with steel and concrete and not pre-fabricated materials.

Remarkable  solid structures that not only have endured the passing of decades and occasional punishment from our tropical weather which is a small price to pay living right on the Gulf but even today they look and feel brand new...
Starlighter's wedding party pictured at the beach of Don CeSar in St Pete Beach on May 11, 2011, directly across Starlight Tower
Don CeSar  
In our lobby embedded on the wall is a plaque by the talented and highly artistic master masons that were proud to participate in the construction of the building. Shortly we will add an archives section with memorable pictures taken during our construction who puts to shame today's ready-made structures.
Note: The happy bride in front of the Don where her wedding reception was given on May 11, 2011, became a Starlighter when she was ten years old.

About this website:
The website was voluntarily created in September 2006 by one of the owners, Louisa Simos, is privately funded and maintained by her and the purpose is twofold:

  To give the owners a private meeting place at a section of this site with secure environment password protected where we will be able to exchange ideas since our common goal is to preserve and maintain the high standards and integrity of the most beautiful and desirable apartment building in St Pete Beach which we are all proud to call HOME regardless if we live here full time or part time. I believe that having an Internet presence of our property is an asset to the co-op's shareholders and Board of Directors in disseminating information securely and instantly to all at our protected environment and away from public view especially now that our restoration project is about to begin (it has been completed now that the site is getting updated!) and owners will be anxious for updated information throughout the process.

And also to inform the public about our beautiful property, surroundings, hotels, restaurants, beaches, entertainment  areas and activities here and nearby plus Tampa and Clearwater.

The Starlight Express will keep you informed for all recent news related to our property. It was voluntarily created by one of the owners, Pat Ifft, who is the Editor and Chief and is published monthly since February 1992. Find past issues on the Archives section.
Coming Features:
Cooking & Recipes - Antiques - Weddings - Honeymoons and Travel to: Europe - Asia - North & South Africa plus stories and pictures of Countries visited: Greece - Italy - Yugoslavia - France - Spain - England - Turkey - Romania - Egypt - Libya with tips how to enjoy your vacation and stay out of trouble.
On the background of this Starlighter's wedding reception on Don CeSar on St Pete Beach Florida visible is Starlight Tower

Picture of this Starlighter's wedding party taken at sunset on the beach in front of Don CeSar.

On the background you can see

Starlight Tower

These two landmark buildings are the crown jewels of St Pete Beach
in sunny Florida.

Molon Lave Semper Fidelis
  Starlight Tower St Pete Beach Florida picture from Gulf BoulevardStarlight Tower St Pete Beach Florida picture from the Gulf of MexicoView from the South fence of Starlight Tower at St Pete Beach Pinelas County FloridaStarlight Tower's swimming poolRainbow at Starlight Tower St Pete Beach, Florida on Blind Pass sideStarlight Tower St Pete Beach Florida  
The site's mission: Is to keep informed absent Starlighters of all important issues and events taking place in our property. Is nourished continuously with fresh information generously provided by resident fellow Starlighters and not only offers a private meeting place for owners but is helpful to the public regarding local events taking place in our town St. Pete Beach Pinellas County Florida as well as attractions, accommodations and places of interest to families, couples and individuals. Please e-mail your textual and multimedia materials for inclusion in our website to Louisa Simos:
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Co-op's Physical Address: 7000 Beach Plaza, St Pete Beach, Florida 33706 Office Tel: 727-360-8820